Remembering my College Days

It was only a month ago that I graduated(New Era University) but I don't feel leaving our campus grounds. Because, I miss a lot from my professors to my batch mates and even with the guards. You know, I often dream the good old days. There are things that I regret, that I should have done. Like pursuing for the girl that I loved and taking for granted fr some of my subjects. But for now theres no way that I can pull back time.

Frostmourne Fan Art Contest

Blizzard is looking for the best original artwork that depicts Arthas wielding the Legendary Frostmourne You can choose any setting you like but the artwork must include Arthas and Frostmourne to be eligible. Bring out the power and evil of the leader of the Scourge with his sword in your artwork!

You've seen the icy, menacing eyes, and gleaming metal and heard the ominous names of Arthas holding Frostmourne. Now we are calling all artists to bring these images to life with their vision of Arthas with Frostmourne!

Starting May 7, 2008, Epic Weapons and Blizzard Entertainment will be looking for the best original pieces of artwork that show the Lich King Arthas Menethil wielding his trusted runeblade Frostmourne and the Grand Prize Winner will receive a full sized 47" long replica of the Frostmourne sword courtesy of Epic Weapons and a guaranteed entry into the beta test of Wrath of the Lich King! Two runner up winners will also be selected for entry into the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King beta test. You can visit the contest page Here. And also youcan view the rules Here.

Low Tagalog version


ang tretorn ay isang local brand na sapatos.
Support pinoy products!

special thanks to:
Gabriel Guerrero
Armand Pagcaliwagan
Acoustica MP3 mixer


Mansanas Pantalon
at sapatos na balbon
Buong beerhouse nakalingon
ayy nadapa!
Bigla bigla!
Nagspaghetti pabababa ng pabababa ng pabababa

Pinawisang Pantalon
tinalian na Tretorn
Umikot siya
at pinalo ko pwit niya (hoooy!!!)
ayyy nadapa!
Bigla bigla!
Nagspaghetti pababa ng pababa ng pababa

Rap 1
Uiiii stig napalingon tlga akooo
tumataktaktak si aginamotoooo
Si pandak ay nagloloko
Tinigasan aking ulooo
ang sexy niya... parang lola
ginto pa ang... pustiso niya
oooo.. teka lang saglit. May pulis! takbo!
Ayy si pandak lang pala hello
kumusta na ang buhay moo
miss kita o pare koo
mustang pagbenta ng tahoo
Oke naman aking negosyo
may bahay at lupa narin ako
sa susunod na taon ko dito
sa akin narin ang meralco

My Problem with my self confidence

I'm always having hard time to find confidence in myself in anything from reporting in class to courting. My heart is always pounding like crazy when I'm in a situation like this. I'm always finding a way on how to supress my nervousness, I've tried breathing in and out to going to the comfort room. Until now, its my problem.

About Myself

My fullname is Jan Alvin Dimla and I'm a Filipino and this is my second blog my first one is Blog Tambayan. And this blog serves as my personal blog. I hope you like my posts about me dealing my internal problems in life. And I am looking forward for you help.

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